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Hair Restoration PRP Therapy Results

Hair Restoration PRP Therapy Results | Medical Spa | Sherman Oaks Millions of American men and women suffer from hair thinning and hair loss conditions. PRP therapy is a revolutionary med spa procedure to treat hair loss and promote re-growth of hair using the body’s own regenerative mechanism. While PRP is still a fairly new and evolving procedure, the results in many patients have been dramatically positive and encouraging. Rejuvenate Medical Spa, led by Dr. Bijan Farah, is one of the key providers of advanced PRP hair restoration treatments. The medical spa offers PRP as a standalone therapy as well as in combination with low level laser therapy to patients in Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, CA, and surrounding locations.  

Results with PRP

In many cases, PRP med spa procedure can lead to significant new hair growth along with improvements in hair elasticity, thickness and density. Results will start showing as early as about six to eight weeks after the initial treatment. However, optimal results can be seen in about four to eight months, depending on the patient’s unique condition. Results will usually continue to establish for up to one year from the first treatment. While a single treatment itself will usually result in substantive, long term hair re-growth, follow-up visits every three to four months will be more beneficial. During the follow-up visits, the treatment provider can monitor the progress and determine whether any additional procedures may be necessary to support optimal hair growth. Patients should note that individual results are bound to vary. While PRP therapy has generated a lot of excitement and hope, and initial studies indicate excellent patient response, there are no guarantees of success in every case. The medical spa treatment provider will educate the patient about the potential outcomes during the initial consultation and help the patient make an informed decision.  

Evolving Treatment Approaches

Results with PRP continue to improve as the hair restoration techniques involving PRP continue to develop and evolve. While a single PRP treatment is a standard approach, some hair restoration experts recommend PRP applications to the scalp every three to four months to increase the success rates. Other treatment protocols involve using PRP before or during hair transplant surgery to improve graft survival. Dr. Farah recommends a combination of PRP therapy with low level laser therapy in many cases to achieve more comprehensive results. Dr. Farah receives patients for PRP therapy from Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, CA, and nearby areas.  

Types of Hair Loss Treated with PRP

Results with PRP hair restoration treatment have been encouraging for a variety of patients suffering from hair loss due to different medical concerns. These include:
  • Hypotrichosis
  • Male Pattern Hair Loss
  • Female Pattern Hair Loss
  • Alpecia Areata
  • Alopecia Totalis
  • Hair Loss due to metabolic conditions, iron deficiency, medication side effects
Patients should also note that PRP therapy may not yield successful results in certain patients. Individuals with a history of heavy smoking or alcohol use, and patients with platelet dysfunction syndromes, chronic skin conditions, and metabolic and systemic disorders may not benefit from PRP. See all Medical Spa Non-Surgical Procedures Dr. Bijan Farah performs on patients in Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, Tazana, Woodland Hills, CA, and surrounding communities. Schedule a consultation now.