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Spider Vein Treatment on The Face

Spider Vein Treatment with IPL Photofacial

Facial telangiectasia, spider veins, and broken capillaries are visible red blood vessels that are thread like in nature. These blood vessels are not exactly broken. Walls of blood vessels that are nearer to the skin surface expand and weaken, eventually becoming more visible. Spider veins or broken capillaries are usually caused by sun damage, extreme temperatures, rubbing, irritation, and harsh skin care treatments among other environmental trauma. They worsen when combined with other conditions, such as pregnancy, rosacea, and genetic factors. The gold standard to treating minor spider veins on the face is IPL Photofacial. IPL is a highly effective treatment option or removing spider veins. It works better on light brown or white skin as compared to black skin. The kind of device used by the healthcare professional is another factor for the efficiency of the treatment. Broadband Light (BBL) technology is the most effective in case of spider vein removal. Everyone responds in different ways to IPL Photofacial. You may need multiple rounds of therapy before you can begin noticing results. Rejuvenate Medical Spa, led by board certified physician Dr. Bijan Farah, provides IPL Photofacial Broadband Light (BBL) skin care treatments to patients in Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding locations.

FAQ on Treating Spider Veins with IPL Photofacial

What is IPL Therapy?

Facial spider veins among other conditions can be erased using Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL). Enlarged pores, sun damage, rosacea, redness, and irregular pigmentation can also be treated using this therapy. Light beams are used on the skin surface to target imperfections using this procedure. Your skin tone will develop a more even look when redness disappears and spider veins fade away.

Is IPL Photofacial painful?

You may experience mild discomfort following the med spa treatment. However, the treatment is usually said to be painless. Your treatment provider may use skin cooling methods for minimizing discomfort.

How can I benefit from IPL treatments?

IPL is a beneficial treatment for people dealing with facial spider veins and broken capillaries. Additional treatment options can be used for reducing redness and making the skin tone more even.

How long do IPL Photofacial sessions last?

Your Broadband Light (BBL) med spa treatment session may last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

How many sessions will I require?

Severity of the issue and your skin condition will determine the number of treatment sessions required. You may need anywhere from 3 to 4 treatment sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart on an average.

Recovery Following IPL Photofacial

It is possible that the treated area looks red or pink immediately following the treatment. The redness may last for 4 to 8 hours. Some people also notice a mild stinging sensation during this period. The feeling is similar to having a mild sunburn. You can use a cool pack or a moist cloth for easing the stinging. It’s vital that you moisturize the area for at least 3 months following your IPL Photofacial treatment. Rejuvenate Medical Spa receives patients from Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for Broadband Light (BBL) IPL Photofacial skin rejuvenation procedures.

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