Spider Vein Removal

Unsightly veins affect millions of men and women.  Prominent blue or red blood vessels can be an unsightly distraction to otherwise unblemished skin.  Spider veins can occur on many parts of the body, although they appear mostly on the calves, thighs, ankles and face.  Laser vein removal is a safe, virtually pain-less, treatment which can be completed in minutes with no downtime.

How it Works

A laser emits pulses of light which are absorbed by the red blood cells in the vein, without spreading to the surrounding tissues.  The heat from the laser causes the vein to close, and disappear from the skin’s surface.

Our Technology

The Sciton Profile is the leading laser vein removal machine on the market today.  Safe, gentle and fast, the Sciton Profile will achieve your desired results in as little as two treatments.  Because of Sciton’s built-in cooling mechanism, no anesthetic is needed to administer the treatment.  A brief consultation with Dr. Farah will determine how many treatments are needed. Schedule an appointment TODAY!