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Skin Resurfacing


*Actual patient of Rejuvenate Medical Spa.

As we get older, we start seeing the effects of sun damage and environmental pollutants on our skin, causing wrinkles and pigment issues like sunspots.  Acne is also a major cause of unsightly skin, and severe acne leads to acne scarring. Skin resurfacing, A.K.A. Laser Peels, is a revolutionary procedure where a laser is scanned across the skin, and precisely removes a layer of skin.  The body naturally replaces the old, damaged, and scarred skin, with a fresh, healthy layer, leaving your skin looking younger and rejuvenated. Dr. Farah will assess your skin, and determine the depth of laser peel your skin needs.  The procedure is very quick and relatively painless.  The amount of downtime is determined by the depth of the peel.  Dr. Farah has been performing skin resurfacing treatments for 10 years, so rest assured you will achieve long-lasting results that will leave you looking great, but more importantly, feeling great about your skin again. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Farah today to determine the exact laser skin resurfacing treatment you need.