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Treatment for Acne Scars, Facial Wrinkles, and Skin Tightening Cost

C02 Fractional Laser CostWrinkle-free, clear, smooth skin, although a much desired attribute, is often left at just that. Aside from the aging process that cant be evaded, exposure to pollution and sun, can destroy the collagen and take a toll on your skin. Added to this, remnants of persistent acne, in the form of scars, can take the sheen of your face. Walking into a medical spa and undergoing a skin renewal treatment is your best bet at flaunting clear, younger-looking skin. A CO2 fraction laser helps in combating acne scars and age-lines.

How does C02 fractional laser work?

The C02 fractional laser uses a vaporization technique to remove the skin layer, as opposed to chemicals or sanding devices used in other techniques. The laser when directed to the problem area, creates deep, narrow treated area columns, which has healthy, untreated tissue around it. It gently removes the skin cells to expose the layers of skin lying under it. The heat given out by the laser beam, stimulates the collagen, which in turn leads to the formation of smoother and younger looking skin. You may have to stay at the medical spa for about half an hour or more to undergo the treatment. Once the treatment is completed, an ointment may be applied to the laser exposed skin to have a soothing effect.

The individual may notice slightly reddened skin and swelling, after the procedure, says Dr. Bijan Farah, well-known in the areas of Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando and Calabasas, CA. The recovery period could take about one to seven days, based on the nature of the treatment. You can ask the doctor at the med spa, about your cleansing routine, and whether or not you are allowed to apply sunscreen or a moisturizer during the recovery period.

Cost and other considerations of the treatment

C02 fractional laser treatment can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • To treat sun-damaged or aged skin
  • To have anti-aging effects by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and pores
  • To treat pigmented skin and age spots
  • To tighten skin and enhance its texture
  • To treat acne scars
  • To reduce surgical scars and stretch marks

The individual may have to come in for one or more treatments, based on his/her condition. In terms of comfort, fractional laser treatment is far better than other laser treatments, although the doctor may apply a topical cream to desensitize the treatment area during fractional laser treatment. The collagen shrinkage during the procedure, leads to immediate effects of skin tightening. The improvement resurface as there are noticeable improvements in the collagen density and skin tightness in about 30 days following the treatment. The improvements steadily continue for nearly six months from the time of the treatment. The cost of the treatment varies across facilities, and is affected by the individual requirements for the treatment as well. The procedure can cost anywhere between $ 2,000 to $ 5,000, a small price to pay to renew your skin.

Rejuvenate Medical Spa is a state of the art facility for a wide range non-invasive anti-aging treatments. Headed by Dr. Bijan Farah, the med spa is equipped with some of the latest and proven technologies for non-surgical hair restoration for men and women. Patients in Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, CA, and surrounding communities have an opportunity to receive innovative and effective solutions at Rejuvenate.

Factors Affecting the Cost

The cost of laser hair restoration may vary from one medical spa to another based on several factors. Patients need to consider all factors carefully in order to make an appropriate comparison, and then make their choice for treatment. A wide variety of anti-aging and hair loss treatments are available today, and patients must make the right choice according to their aesthetic needs as well as their budget for treatment.

Hair loss_Laser Hair restoration Cost before and after pictures

Location of the Medical Spa

A med spa located in Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, CA, may charge differently for laser hair restoration compared to another med spa offering the similar treatment in New York City. The cost of living index may vary from one region to another, which may impact the costs of most goods and services in a particular region, including hair restoration services.

Choice of Treatment

Hair loss restoration treatments may range from hair transplant surgeries to low level laser therapy to pill and lotion based treatments. Rejuvenate Medical Spa provides low level laser therapy (LLLT), which may cost significantly cheaper than surgical hair transplantation options. Even within LLLT treatment, different technologies may be used at different treatment facilities, which can make the cost different.

Quality of Medical Spa

The kind of technologies, equipment, general amenities and services at a medical spa may make some difference to the overall cost of the procedures offered. Experienced staff and treatment experts under the supervision of an experienced physician can have an impact on the quality and safety of treatments provided. Therefore, patients should consider all the aspects of a med spa and compare it against the probable cost of treatment.

Average Cost of LLLT

Rejuvenate Medical Spa focuses on LLLT as a marvelous, outstanding, and poignant non-invasive treatment for hair restoration. This treatment is substantially cheaper when compared to surgical treatment options or some of the invasive laser options. However, the average cost for a patient would depend on the number of treatments required.

A comprehensive treatment plan would include regular weekly treatment sessions for a period of time that will be determined by the operating physician. A single treatment session may cost from $150 to $300, depending on various factors as discussed above.

Finance and Insurance

Hair loss restoration procedures are usually categorized as elective procedures performed for aesthetic purposes. In such cases, the treatment cost will not be covered under the patient’s health insurance plan. However, most patients can avail of financing opportunities through medical and aesthetic care finance companies. This can allow for convenient payment terms spread over a period of time in accordance with the personal budget of a patient.

Laser Hair Restoration Before and After Photos provided by http://www.sunetics.com/#!male/cuje

hair restoration before and after picturesRejuvenate Medical Spa, led by Dr. Bijan Farah, provides some of the latest, proven and effective anti-aging treatments. Patients suffering from hair loss can also receive innovative laser based hair restoration solutions at the med spa. Dr. Farah receives patients from Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, CA, and surrounding areas for a variety of aesthetic concerns that can be treated with non-surgical solutions.

What is Laser Hair Restoration LLLT?

LLLT is Low Level Laser Therapy, which is a proven, non-surgical, painless treatment for men and women who suffering from hair loss. The treatment is highly safe, does not involve any pills or special medications, and there is no mandatory recovery period associated with it. The low level lasers used in the LLLT technique do not emit any heat, sound or vibration, and as a result they involve no risk of tissue burning, tissue injury or other side effects.

Bio-Stimulation Laser

Rejuvenate Medical Spa is equipped with a state of the art technology called the Sunetics Clinical Bio-Stimulation Laser. This in-office treatment system involves low level laser energy technique. Patients at Dr. Farah’s med spa can receive safe and convenient hair restoration treatment, while they sit and relax beneath the device.

Patients in and around Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, and Calabasas, CA, who are looking for painless and non-invasive solutions to address their hair loss or hair thinning concerns, may consider Sunetics Laser treatment at Rejuvenate. Some of the recent medical anti-aging studies have shown that LLLT treatment with Sunetics Laser achieves more effective results over a shorter period of time compared to other similar treatment systems.

Cleared by the FDA

Sunetics Laser technology, designed for treatment of male and female pattern hair loss has been cleared by the FDA in June, 2013. Clinical trials conducted to receive FDA clearance showed that 93 percent of participants treated with low level laser therapy experienced re-growth of hair at an average of 22 hairs per square centimeter.

The treatment has demonstrated effective outcomes in stabilizing hair loss over the entire scalp. Hair re-growth with this treatment is achieved in both the frontal as well as the temporal areas of the scalp, where standard drugs such as Propecia and Rogaine may be less effective.

Key Benefits

LLLT provides the following clinically proven benefits for most patients:

  • Speeds up the growth of hair and produces hair re-growth in 93 percent of the patients.
  • Improves blood flow from the dermis to the root of the hair follicle.
  • Causes stimulation of up to 70 percent of passive hairs back into the active growth cycle.
  • Halts the hair loss progression.
  • Improves the strength and elasticity of hair.
  • Allows for hair follicle augmentation, providing patients with thicker, fuller, softer, and shinier hair.
  • Leads to repair and improvement in hair shaft quality.

Most effective outcomes with LLLT, as with most other non-surgical hair loss treatments, can be achieved with consistent and continuous treatments to maintain the improvement. Rejuvenate Medical Spa may recommend maintenance treatments of up to once per week, depending on the patient’s needs.

Before and After photos provided by http://www.sunetics.com/

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