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Wrinkle Reduction With The NEW RF Microneedling

Micro RF MicroNeedling Before After PhotosFor the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, RF Microneedling is safe and innovative med spa treatment. The procedure is designed to improve mild to moderate signs of aging from the face, while enhancing the skin texture. Rejuvenate Medical Spa, led by Dr. Bijan Farah, provides RF Microneedling to patients in Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding locations.  

How it Works?

RF Microneedling procedure involves the use of very small microneedles, less than the diameter of a hair, to deliver safe radio frequency (RF) energy into the skin’s deeper layers to promote the production of collagen and elastin. The polarity of the RF energy emanated from the system develops arcs of energy between the microneedles. This delivers energy underneath the surface of the skin in a targeted and less aggressive manner. RF Microneedling delivers most of the energy to the mid-level dermis targeting the underlying support system of the skin comprising collagen fibers. It rebuilds the sites that have sustained damage because of aging and other reasons leading to a smooth and supple epidermis (the superficial skin layer). The med spa procedure helps in rebuilding the damaged foundation of the skin, while enabling upper skin layers to be more robust, stable, and in their correct, youthful position.  


Fractional RF causes the skin to restore old and damaged cells. Therefore, the outcomes are not instantly visible and depend on the body’s response speed. In general, the improvements manifest six to eight weeks following a session. For significant results, three or more sessions are recommended. The provider will include the number of treatment sessions in the patient’s personalized treatment plan developed during the consultation.  

RF Microneedling Safety

RF Microneedling is a safe treatment as the energy does not affect most of the topmost skin layer. The treatment minimizes or entirely avoids most of the risks of side effects associated with deep chemical peels or aggressive lasers. This unique treatment insulates the tiny microneedles. This extra safety measure protects the superficial skin layer, which is the area that is most vulnerable to damage with traditional anti-wrinkle treatments specifically in patients with darker complexions.  

RF Microneedling for Specific Skin Tones or Types

This procedure offers a range of treatment settings enabling providers to develop treatments that are safe for all types of skins such as darker skin or skin prone to hyperpigmentation. Therefore, RF Microneedling is more suitable for people with darker complexions or those prone to pigmentation or scarring in comparison to laser skin resurfacing. People with lighter complexions do not need to postpone the treatment during summer as RF does not require tan to fade to be effective.  

Anesthetic Requirements

Patients do not need general anesthesia for RF Microneedling. The physician will perform this procedure after the application of a topical cream or injecting lidocaine to numb the treatment site. While most patients do report some level of pain, they state that the treatment is bearable. In case the patient is experiencing discomfort, the physician may use nitrous oxide (also commonly known as laughing gas) for a pain and stress-free experience. These options will not impact the patient's ability to drive themselves back home after the procedure.   Rejuvenate Medical Spa receives patients from Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby areas for RF Microneedling. See all Medical Spa Non-Surgical Procedures Dr. Bijan Farah performs on patients in Los Angeles, Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, Tazana, Woodland Hills, CA, and surrounding communities. Schedule a consultation now.