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Non-surgical Treatment for Varicose & Spider Veins in Encino, CA

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Non-surgical Treatment for Varicose & Spider Veins in Encino, CARejuvenate Medical Spa specializes in non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments for your skin. Led by Dr. Bijan Farah, Medical Director & specialist with nearly four decades of practicing medicine, Rejuvenate Medical Spa is the preferred center for skin and laser treatments in Encino, Sherman Oaks, and other surrounding areas.

The facility provides highly effective non-surgical solutions for the common problem of varicose and spider veins. These veins can compromise the aesthetic appearance of the patient, and if left untreated for a long time, may also cause medical complications. Dr. Farah advises patients to opt for sclerotherapy or laser treatments, which are a proven and effective medical procedure to remove varicose and spider veins without having to under the knife.

What is Vein laser treatment?

Simple laser vein treatment can treat spider veins and tiny varicose veins just under the skin's surface. Usually, more than one laser session is needed. They are scheduled every 6 to 12 weeks, as prescribed by your doctor. (If you have poor blood circulation feeding these tiny veins, the larger "feeder" vein must first be treated with surgery, endovenous laser or radiofrequency treatment, or sclerotherapy.)

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is one of the oldest and most effective techniques to eliminate varicose and spider veins. The procedure has been in use for nearly a hundred years, but the techniques have become more advanced over time. Rejuvenate Medical Spa employs the most advanced techniques to ensure the best results with minimal pain and discomfort.

In sclerotherapy, an injection of sclerosant solution will be injected directly into the targeted vein. The solution is designed to react against the lining of blood vessels in the diseased vein, and cause it to swell and the blood to clot. This condition will stop the blood flow in the targeted vein, which will result in the blood vessels turning into dead scar tissue. Over a period of time, the scar tissue will disappear and the skin will be free of the unsightly varicose veins and spider veins.

Suitable Candidates

Patients may seek an initial consultation with Dr. Farah to determine if they are a suitable candidate for sclerotherapy. Pregnant women may not be eligible for the procedure, but those taking birth control pills may still go for it.  A patient who has experienced a blood clot in the past may or may not be eligible, depending on the cause of the clot, and based on an evaluation of the area that needs to be treated.


Rejuvenate Medical Spa is fully equipped with state of the art facilities to perform laser vein treatments or sclerotherapy on an outpatient basis. The doctor will map the affected area and target specific veins that need to be removed.

The entire procedure may be completed within 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the extent of treatment involved. The treatment may require multiple sessions, considering the number, size and location of the diseased veins and the general health status of the patient.


Side effects and complications are minimal in case of sclerotherapy because it is a mild non-surgical procedure. The patient may experience minor discomfort such as itching in the affected area for a day or two following the treatment. Redness may be observed at the injection site, which will fade away on its own. Mild bruising may occur, especially in larger veins, which may last up to a few weeks. Multiple sessions of sclerotherapy may be necessary in most cases to achieve a complete elimination of varicose and spider veins.


A single session of sclerotherapy may result in elimination of at least 50 to 75 percent of the treated veins. In rare situations, a patient may not respond to the sclerotherapy injections at all. The doctor may consider alternative solutions in such cases. Complete effects of the procedure will be visible for spider veins in about four to six weeks. In case of varicose veins, the elimination will occur over a period of three to four months. Repeat treatments may be necessary in cases where the veins reappear.