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Belafill (formerly Artefill) Wrinkle Treatment Cost

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Artefill Wrinkle Treatment - Reduce Wrinkles and Aging before and after photosBelafill has been around since the past ten years under the brand name of Artecoll in the Canadian and European cosmetic dermal fillers market. The only permanent dermal filler to be approved in the US, Belafill contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic that lessens the discomfort while administering the injections. The cost of Belafill anti-aging treatment at a med spa depends on a myriad of factors ranging from the cosmetic goals of the procedure to the injecting expertise of the physician.

FDA approved dermal filler

Belafill has the distinct reputation of being the only FDA approved permanent dermal filler. The approval came through in October, 2006 after a series of clinical trials conducted at medical centers spread across the nation. The trials that spanned over 12 months came up with results that showed a remarkably longer duration of wrinkle correction with Belafill as opposed to the temporary dermal fillers. The follow up studies at regular intervals of six months and later after a year showed prolonged as well as safe wrinkle correction. A follow up of this study completed 5 years to prove the long term efficacy of Belafill . Since then Belafill has become the official permanent nonabsorbent wrinkle filler. The Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) micro-spheres suspended in the bovine collagen gel do not get absorbed by the body. The solution is injected just above the skin’s fat layer with a fine needle and the quantity used depends on the depth of the wrinkles. The appropriate amount to be injected is decided by the Board certified physician at a medical spa.

How much will Belafill  wrinkle treatment cost?

Belafill  Wrinkle treatment makes use of Belafill  solution that is nature identical with PMMA micro-spheres suspended in bovine collagen. The non-invasive procedure adds volume to your features by effectively filling up the furrows along the nasolabial region. The desired results by a patient seeking the Belafill  wrinkle treatment are a decisive factor in the overall cost structure of the procedure. The average price of an Belafill syringe has been found to be around $1000. A market survey from 2010-2013 indicates that a 0.8 ml vial of Belafill  had an average price of $1200. The current price of a 0.8 ml vial may vary between $1000-$1500 depending on the location of the medical spa and the expertise of the Artefill injecting physician. San Fernando Valley with its proximity to Los Angeles has an average price range of $1000 per syringe, which is slightly reduced in the subsequent sessions. The cost of undergoing an Belafill Wrinkle Treatment like all cosmetic procedures is not covered by health insurance. A board certified dermatologist may charge a slightly higher fee for the high quality care and the certainty of a complication-free treatment. However, payment plans and financing options offered by the doctors in Encino, Sherman Oaks and Calabasas, CA may make the expensive procedure affordable for many. Although the price to pay for an Belafill Wrinkle treatment may seem quite steep for a newbie, patients who have experienced temporary dermal filling sessions are sure to find it convenient and reasonable in the long run. It is advisable to go to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or an expert like Dr. Bijan Farah for optimal results. Artefill wrinkle treatment before and after photos provided by
Wrinkles are an inevitable consequence of the aging process. There are many factors that come into play to cause this dreaded imperfection. Exposure to ultraviolet rays is the primary cause behind premature aging. Continuous exposure to sunlight, air pollution and smoking have a damaging effect on the collagen fibers, known as the building blocks of the skin. Excessive strain on the facial muscles causes the development of furrows beneath the skin. The facial skin gradually loses elasticity as you struggle with expressions that never tend to change. Dermal fillers have been a respite for folks trying to counter laughing lines, although they need to be re-administered at regular intervals

Belafill wrinkle treatment

Belafill, of late has emerged as long term anti-aging solution for wrinkle problems as this micro-sphere enriched collagen filler lasts longer than a temporary dermal filler. The dual action of the bovine collagen in Belafill works on the wrinkles and gets effectively absorbed by the body leaving the Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) micro-spheres unbroken to provide long lasting support to the sagging nasolabial folds. PMMA micro-spheres suspended in the bovine collagen gel have been found to stimulate the production of natural collagen in the body as they effectively fill the facial wrinkles. A patch test wherein some collagen is placed on the patient’s forearm is conducted weeks in advance to ensure that the patient is not allergic to bovine collagen. The procedure of injecting the Artefill solution requires about an hour at a medical spa. Artefill Wrinkle Treatment - Reduce Wrinkles and AgingBelafill  can only be procured by physicians who have undergone product training. The mode of administering Belafill  is similar to that of temporary dermal fillers at a med spa. It requires two or three sessions, depending on the depth of the fine lines and wrinkles. The minimum downtime required for the procedure is an added convenience as you can resume your routine within a few hours after the treatment.

What makes it different?

Belafill is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for a facelift within a fraction of the time required in an invasive facelift surgical operation. Temporary dermal fillers do not have a lasting effects as the natural or synthetic ingredients in the composition get completely absorbed by the body within nine months. On the other hand, the micro-sphere enhanced Belafill  solution stays intact in the skin to prevent the wrinkles from resurfacing back too soon. It not only evens out the grooves beneath the skin, but also provides structural support for a fine natural look. The cost of an Belafill  treatment varies between $1000-$1500 per syringe, depending on the goals of the procedure. The desired results may be achieved in a single sitting or may require multiple sessions at a med spa with weekly intervals. The average cost of a 0.8 ml Artefill syringe is around $1200. The final expenses of an Belafill treatment are subject to the expertise of the injecting physician and the number of syringes required to attain the desired cosmetic results. Dr.Bijan Farah with an expertise in injecting dermal fillers, offers Belafill  treatment. If you are a resident of Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando or Calabasas, CA, you can easily avail his service. Belafill  wrinkle treatment before and after photos provided by