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Three-Minute COVID-19 Antibody Test

The Three-Minute COID-19 Antibody Test: Available Curbside!

Rejuvenate Medical Spa is excited to offer the Three-Minute Covid-19 Antibody Test. This test will be performed curbside at your personal vehicle. If you have an upcoming appointment, you are now required to receive an antibody test before entering Rejuvenate. This not only protects your health and safety, but also protects the health and safety of our staff. What is the COVID-19 Antibody Test? The antibody test is used to test for the presence of COVID-19 or Coronavirus and also tests for the antibodies. This means that if you have been exposed to COVID-19 previously or had an active case that developed antibodies, the test results will show as positive for antibodies. It is possible to test positive for the antibodies and negative for the virus and/or vice versa. How Does It Work? Someone from our medical staff will meet you curbside at your car for paperwork and instructions. The testing will be performed at your vehicle, located outside of Rejuvenate Medical Spa. By using a finger prick method, we will be able to run a quick blood test. How Long Will it Take to Get My Results? Unlike other testing kits that can take weeks to receive results, our test shows results in just a few minutes. How Can I Schedule an Appointment? You do not need to be scheduled for a medical treatment to receive the COVID-19 antibody test, as it is available for everyone. However, all patients with appointments at Rejuvenate Medical Spa will receive this test prior to their scheduled appointment. If you have any questions or are interested in receiving an antibody test, call us at 818-788-6363 to schedule your curbside appointment. To Our Valued Patients: Our commitment to the health and safety of our patients and staff has always been our top priority. As a medical practice, we have been doing our part to help the community during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and now, we will continue to assist our patients virtually. We remained open to serve many of our patients who requested downtime treatments for as long as we could. While we practiced extra precautions regarding sanitization and safety, we also took this time to offer our patients recommended vitamins and immunity boosters. WE ARE OPEN FOR THE FOLLOWING SERVICES We believe the best thing we can do is to temporarily close our doors for the well-being of everyone, but we will remain open for the following concierge services:
  • Tele-Consultations
  • Tele-Follow-Ups
  • Skincare Product & Vitamin Supplement (Curbside Pickup or Delivery) 
We understand that you may have questions or concerns, and we are accessible through phone and email to assist your needs. If you are interested in a consultation for a future treatment or would like a follow-up appointment to discuss a previous treatment, you may schedule a virtual consultation. All virtual consultations will be via Facetime or Skype. Please call ahead for any of the services listed above, and check our Yelp or Google listing for updated hours. All appointments that have been impacted due to the temporary closure are being rescheduled. We will continue to make arrangements if needed, as we are actively following federal, state, and local guidelines daily. We are here to service our patients and community to keep everyone, their skin and their immune systems healthy. Many of our patients rely on post-procedure care and products. We have a variety of vitamins, supplements, and skincare products that are available for curbside pickup or nationwide delivery. Your Health is Important to Us You should all be familiar with #StayHome, proper handwashing and hygiene, and social distancing tips by now. What most people are not talking about is how important it is to keep our immune systems running at peak performance. Most of us still have to leave our homes to buy groceries and necessities, so we are still potentially being exposed to the virus. Now more than ever, we have to take drastic measures to be healthy. We hope it never comes down to this, but in case any of us contract coronavirus, we will have a stronger immune system to beat it. Rejuvenate Medical Spa has secured a large amount of Vitamins and supplements for our patients, in anticipation that these things would sell out or become scarce – which they have. Vitamin C Arguably, the best Vitamin you can take right now is Vitamin C. Nobody can tell you that high doses of Vitamin C can cure you, but it is widely accepted that it can reduce your symptoms or make them less severe. The problem is, not all products are created equal, nor do they share the same potency or bio-availability. Orthomolecular’s Buffered Lemon C Powder is one of the best and strongest Vitamin C products on the market. One of the most interesting features is that their label is guaranteed at expiration. What does that mean? It means that, what it says on the label is what is in there at expiration. For example, the label says there is 2350 mg of Vitamin C per serving, and the product expires in January 2021. Right now, this product has well over 3000 mg of Vitamin C per serving, but the closer the product gets to expiration, the less it will have. However, it will never contain less than 2350 mg by January 2021. The other important aspect to this product is that it also has Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. These minerals aid in the absorption of Vitamin C. Our bodies cannot process such a large dose of Vitamin C, so the addition of these minerals will help our bodies absorb it and be more effective in keeping our immune systems running optimally. We recommend breaking up dosing to also potentially increase absorption. We advise taking half a scoop in the morning with a glass of water, and half a scoop in the evening. Vitamin C is sold out on Amazon and almost everywhere else, but it is available at Rejuvenate! Probiotics Probiotics are another essential immunity booster. Our gut is home to trillions of beneficial bacteria that help us digest food, eliminate toxins, and boost our immune system to protect us against harmful microbes or bacteria. Probiotic bacteria can interact with our gut microbiome to reinforce our immune system, increase immune responses, and promote specific immune signaling. Health Tips While we always encourage you to make your health a priority, it is especially crucial right now. Keeping a strong and healthy immune system is essential during this time. We recommend taking the following measures:
  • Destress and don't panic
  • Stay home as much as possible
  • Frequently wash your hands for 20 seconds
  • Get 8 hours of sleep
  • Increase daily water intake
  • Eat healthy, fresh foods
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Give your body all the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Get outdoors and walk/excercise, while practicing social distancing
  • Increase cleanliness and sterilization
  • Disinfect frequently touched items and surface areas
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • If you are sick, isolate yourself from others and wear a facemask
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. Please stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy. We look forward to seeing you again soon! XOXO, Rejuvenate Medical Spa