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Realm Skincare

Realm Skincare

Take your skin to a whole new “realm!”

Rejuvenate Medical Spa is the exclusive retailer of Realm Skincare. Realm Skincare is a medical-grade skincare line founded by Rejuvenate Medical Spa’s Patient Educator, Michael Farah.

The Story Behind Realm

When Michael’s wife was pregnant with their first child, he realized some of the “best” skincare products contain ingredients that are harmful to our skin, our bodies, and are definitely not safe for pregnant women.

Michael developed Realm Skincare to offer safe products that are effective and made from healthy, clean ingredients. Realm Skincare offers a variety of cleansers, sunscreens, and facial serums; which are dermatologically tested, FDA approved, and safe for kids and pregnant women.

Visit us to sample some of the cleanest, results-driven products on the market!

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