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Laser Treatment | Med Spa | Hair Removal | Calabasas CALaser treatment has been successfully performed on many patients for several years. Although the associated side effects are rare. Yet, in a very few cases side effects have occurred and they can be anything like one of the following.

Normal and serious side effects

Side effects can be the normal ones or serious ones depending on the consequences they lead to. Normal side effects have minor consequences such as itching, tingling, numbness and swelling. Appearance of reddish color is seen to be a common occurrence with no serious harm or permanent damage to skin. Scarring may occur when high intensity laser is focused on a particular area for a long time.

Other temporary side effects such as skin blistering and hypo-pigmentation may occur. They can be minimized by some cooling methods.

Very serious side effects on the extreme side cause curable but painful implications.

  1. Scarring: The cause for scarring is the high intensity laser which is focused on a particular area for longer than necessary. It is one of the accidents that may occur during treatment, but experienced technicians and doctors are less prone to such fatality.
  2. Burns: They are rare but when they occur they should be immediately aided by dressing and medication.
  3. Hyper-Pigmentation: It is an effect of darkening of the skin and is the result of increased pigmentation brought about by the laser. People with tanned or dark skin are prone to this effect. Various treatments and precautions are available to prevent this effect.
  4. Infection: Anti-biotic and anti-viral medication help battle infectious germs from entering wounded areas during the treatments. These wounds may be caused during the treatment or the patient may have suffered them before.
  5. Eye Injuries: Safety and precautionary standards are following by all certified practitioners. If not, dreadful accidents such as eye injuries may occur during the treatment.

Other rare side effects

Other side effects which can occur during the treatment are:

  1. Itching: It is a normal side effect which occurs during any kind of hair removal procedure.
  2. Pain, numbness and tingling are experienced in varying degrees by all patients who underwent laser hair removal procedure. It has not resulted in any serious consequences in our observations.
  3. Laser treatment may also cause a condition very rare in occurrence known by the name of crusting. Scabs are seen to be formed in some cases around the treatment area. Such effects are minimized by appropriate medication.

Mild bruises may occur for some time after the treatment.

Purpura is an effect which is caused by internal bleeding which appears as a purple colored rash. If any patient experiences this condition, he must report to the doctor immediately. They are usually cured in about two to three days.

Based in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood of LA, Dr. Bijan Farah and his team of technicians and assistants at Rejuvinate Medical Spa have a successful track record with minimum side effects that bear any serious consequences. He also attends to patients in Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, CA. They are the most trusted and regularly consulted Laser Hair Removal expert.

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Laser hair removal | Electrolysis | Encino | Sherman Oaks | Calabasas, CALaser hair removal is an advanced cosmetic treatment which is seen to be a good alternative to waxing, shaving etc. Most people in California ought to prefer laser treatment for removing unwanted extra hair.


It is beneficial to remove unwanted hair with laser from those parts of the body where it could be hard to wax or tweeze such as armpits, hips etc. Its precision and speed enables intricate operations which produces better looks and leave the skin undamaged in the process. The time required depends on the area of the part. In most cases, the maximum time taken was no more than an hour. This treatment is received by patients who look to enhance their beauty or as an anti-aging measure.


Patients are generally advised to avoid undergoing any other form of hair removal treatments a few weeks prior to the treatment, since such treatments cause the hair roots to disappear temporarily in which case a laser treatment will not be effective. After the treatment, doctor’s directions must be followed to ensure safe health post treatment.

First, the area where the hair has to be removed is spotted. Hairs are then trimmed to a shorter length and equipment parameters are set accordingly. Appropriate safety measures must be followed by the patient as well as the technician. Certain measures are taken to ensure effective penetration of light through the skin. During the treatment, a pulse of the laser light is directed on to the area of treatment and the settings in the equipment are re-adjusted based on the observation made. The procedure is continued for the rest of the treatment area until all the unwanted hairs are removed.


After the treatment, the patient will be prescribed for certain medication. Since this treatment doesn’t remove hairs permanently after the very first treatment, a second treatment will be scheduled in some weeks and the procedure will continue until eventually the hair growth is stopped permanently.

For the first few days, the treated area may appear reddish although it may not be as painful to the patient. Medicines and lotions are prescribed by the doctor to minimize the carmine. Other cosmetic products can be applied after the treatment but should be avoided in any case of discomfort. Side effects may occur in the form of carmine, scarring, swelling and blisters which are actually very rare.


Cost of the treatment depends on individual cases and many factors such as the area of the treatment and time, number of treatments, method of treatment and location. A consultation session will provide a clear picture of the cost. The average cost of this treatment, as stated by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is about $235 per session.

Dr. Bijan Farah of Rejuvenate Medical Spa is one of the leading Cosmetic Surgeons of San Fernando and a certified practitioner of laser therapy. He also attends to patients in Encino, Sherman Oaks, San Fernando, Calabasas, CA. With correct preparation and diagnosis, the doctor and his technicians ensure that a patient experiences the least traumatic and more effective hair removal procedure.

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